Training For Evangelism

Teaching Children Effectively -Level 1 Evangelism

To give children’s workers a basic training for evangelising children through regular neighbourhood Good News Clubs.

“If we are to reach the world of the 21st century then we must reach the cities!”
Harvie Conn

CityKids Seminars

CityKids is a specialised ministry within CEF in Europe. Its principle aim is that together with the local church the unreached children in the cities will not only have the opportunity to hear the Gospel but also establish a direct link to a body of God’s people who can continue to minister to their needs.

CityKids gives local churches access to newly developed materials written and designed for children from an urban culture.

Summer Ministry Course (SMC)

To train, especially young people, for summer outreach ministries (5 Day Clubs, Holiday Bible Clubs, camps and personal evangelism)