Tailored Training

Course Description

Tailored training allows churches and teachers to choose subjects that meet their specific needs as teachers and/or when teaching saved children. Subjects can be chosen and organized, together with the CEF full-time worker, into evening, half day or full day training modules.

Tailored Training seminars can be supplemented with CityKids “Credentials” Seminars.

Subjects to choose from include:

  • The inspirational teacher
  • Preparing your heart to teach
  • Lessons from the Master teacher
  • Growing through reading God’s Word
  • Learning to pray
  • My life – set apart for God
  • Victory through Christ
  • Sharing your testimony with others
  • How God guides His children
  • Understanding big truths
  • “Go into all the world”

*Some seminars in this category have been adapted from the, “To Teach Others Also” seminar series.