Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to take individual units or modules within the course. Some units will be available to take online. Please contact us for more information.

There are six 40 or 45 minute classes taught each day (Mon – Fri). Generally, all classes are taught in the morning.  After lunch the programme is free for students to relax, work on assignments, visit the local shops and/or coffee shops etc. A devotional and prayer time is planned every evening just before the evening meal. This is organized and led by the students. Evenings are again free for completing assignments and fellowship.

Online: No – all classes and study units should be completed.

On campus: It is not recommended to miss classes. However, should this happen, in exceptional circumstances, you will be expected to listen to the digital recordings of class hours you missed and successfully complete any assignments and tests while keeping up with the ongoing classes and assignments.

Yes. You should be at least 18 years old. This is a leadership-training course and it is best suited for those who have had some ministry experience and would be able to use what they have learned here to train others.

Yes! We organise CMLCs in other European countries, click here for a list of these courses. For other parts of the world click here. Normally, students would attend the CMLC nearest to them.

The course fee is based on a special all-inclusive price which covers your tuition, accommodation and meals as well as books and class notes. See list of prices here.

Based on previous experience we do not provide child care or a baby sitting service. Parents are responsible to bring their own baby sitter – especially for toddlers and young children. Having a baby sitter that children can understand in their own language and with whom they are happy to stay with during the class hours (there are six 45 minute classes each morning, Monday – Friday) greatly reduces the stress for both children and parents.

Yes, it is possible, though it is necessary that all your fees be paid before the end of the CMLC.

Yes, either by bank transfer or cash in any of the major currencies.

Online units: Yes.

On campus: This will vary from country to country. Details about payment will be given during the application process.

You will want to bring pocket money for any trips planned with the student group, personal items you want to buy from the local shops, etc.

Note: Each student and child is required to have health insurance. We strongly recommend that you look into a travel insurance that will cover your three-month stay if you plan to take the course outside of your own country.

The programme on Fridays continues through until the evening meal (18.30). A committee made up from the student body will organise activities for those who wish to participate, such as: Saturday outings to discover the surrounding area; fun evenings to get to know each other better and to get a taste of the cultures represented. Students are also responsible for leading the Sunday evening fellowship times. Generally one of the teaching staff share a message from God’s Word.

There is the possibility of two ‘free’ weekends. They can be arranged in consultation with the CMLC student supervisor. A free weekend begins Friday after the last class and ends on Sunday evening (22.00).

This is a residential course. You will discover that an important part of your CMLC experience will be the broadening of your horizons and your understanding of others through your exposure to the different cultures.

Yes after the Friday student prayer time (18.30) and making sure your assignments are completed, you may leave the centre until Sunday morning. Each Sunday morning we usually visit a local church as a group and take part in the service. You would be expected to attend these meetings with the student group. Exceptional needs may be presented to the CMLC supervisor.

*There may be some variation to this from country to country.

The worship services here are an important part of growing together as a community. We believe that God has a purpose in bringing you to this training and that He wants to both use you and minister to you in the context of these times of worship and fellowship. Why not invite your friends from home to join us some Sunday?

*There may be some variation to this from country to country.

Usually 2 students are assigned to one room; some of the larger rooms/apartments will have 3 or 4. For exceptional cases, a few single rooms would be available.

The house provides all bedding and sheets. You will need to bring your own towels.

We have laundry facilities available for student use at designated times.

There is one general guideline – students are asked to dress modestly.

Yes, without a doubt, WiFi connection is available. Some teachers will ask you to submit your assignments electronically. In some CMLC training locations desktop computers and a printer are available for student use. These can be used for researching and printing assignments or visuals if required.

This depends on which passport you have. If you do need an invitation in order to obtain a visa let us know as soon as possible.

Yes – generally there is parking available at the training facility. Having your car will also give you more “freedom” to travel and visit some of the tourist spots close to the CMLC location.

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