Children's Ministry Leadership Course

A unique 12 week training course that will equip you for a Gospel centered ministry among children!

  • Prepares students to evangelise unreached children with the Word of God, disciple them and establish them in a local Bible-centred church.
  • Equips students to offer practical training for adults desiring to have an impact on future generations through dynamic outreach ministries to children.
  • Helps students to build the managerial and leadership skills needed for developing a children’s ministry primarily in Child Evangelism Fellowship, but also within the local church context or other missionary organisations.

CMLC at a glance . . .

Module 1: Christian Worker Essentials (CWE)
Unit: CWE 1 – The Greatest Commandment (1 week)
Unit: CWE 2 – Biblical Foundations (1 week)

Module 2: Children’s Ministry Essentials (CME)
Unit: CME 1 – Reaching Today’s Child (1 week)
Unit: CME 2 – Teaching Today’s Child (2 weeks)
Unit: CME 3 – Teaching Young Disciples (1 week)
Unit: CME 4 – Understanding Today’s Child (1 week)
Unit: CME 5 – Innovative Children’s Ministries (1 week)

Module 3: Building, Training and serving Essentials (1 week)

Module 4: CEF Essentials (2 weeks)

The module format of CMLC is in a process of development (in English) over the next 3 years. All modules will be fully functional by 2023, God willing. CMLCs offered in other languages will follow this pattern as translations are completed.

Practical week:
this is a week of direct children’s ministry completed in your home country under the supervision of an assigned fulltime CEF worker. When the complete course is taken (11 consecutive weeks on campus) the practical week can be taken after the course completion. A practical week equivalent option is also available when the training is taken in parts over a longer period of time. This would be discussed and decided on an individual basis.

On campus or online study (coming soon) options are available which facilitate flexible course completion plans.
All modules are offered as an ‘on campus’ training option each year (following the order of modules set out in ‘CMLC at a glance’). Click the ‘locations, languages & dates’ button to find out more.

The full CMLC application process is completed by every student at the initial enrolment stage.