In the months of May and June, members of the CEF team in Denmark took a little trip around the country to host six “pop-up” seminars.

Some people asked us, “What is a pop-up training seminar?” Maybe you are asking the same question! The idea for this title comes from the “pop-up” stores and restaurants, which for a short time appear somewhere – perhaps on a side street or in a town square – then quickly pack up and disappear. You have to hurry if you want to visit and benefit from the “pop-up”. This is what sparked the idea to develop “pop-up” seminars.

Our idea was to organise a short but effective seminar full of relevant and practical content. In most locations the seminar took place on weekday evenings, so participants would have time to go home after work to care for their families, go out to attend the seminar and be home again at a reasonable time.

We also made simple video recordings of highlights from the teaching and uploaded them to our YouTube channel. This way people could review what they had learned.

As already mentioned, we popped up in six different Danish cities where approximately 100 children’s workers showed up! In one town, almost 30 participants attended – it was a really amazing evening. Such a big number is unusual for Denmark!

There was a lot of participant interaction during the breaks, everyone listened intently to the teaching and some took photos of our visual ideas during the seminars. It was really encouraging to receive some positive feedback afterwards. A group of Scout leaders told us that they had received new tools to teach their children more about God. Other experienced children’s workers told us that they planned to use the new ideas received for teaching children how to have their own personal prayer time.

A children’s worker wrote to us, following the “pop-up” seminar in her town:

“I decided to attend the CEF Pop-up Course, which was held in my church. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I showed up with an open mind. I was somewhat surprised, because of this fantastic evening! The teaching was really nice and super usable in how we can share our faith with children! It was very unfortunate that more teachers from my church did not attend this evening! However, we received links to key parts of the teaching on YouTube, so I showed this at our volunteers meeting the following week. Everyone got so excited that we decided to begin using the GNC materials from CEF Denmark in the fall. Thanks for an inspiring evening!”

As a team we have been overwhelmed with the success of “pop-up” seminars. As we used the same content at each training location, the initial preparation before the first seminar consumed most time and effort, but after that we were able to repeat the same seminar that we had prepared in each location – a great benefit as we are such a small team.

We are planning to repeat the “pop-up” seminars again next spring – but with new content. This year’s participants have already told us what they need and want help with!