I didn’t realise the great importance of teaching the short class, “How to make yourself available for counselling,” until this summer. We teach the students at Summer Ministry Training how to make themselves available for children who want to put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. We know that our courses are intended to be put into practice, but it still surprised me when a student who had attended the training wrote, “I think there are children who want to be saved, but I don’t know what to do. I think we are doing it wrong when we try to make ourselves available. Please help!” The  student was on day 3 of a 5 Day Club. I phoned her straight away. After reminding her of the steps she had learned during the course, I was looking forward to hearing what happened as she put her training into practice. It was so encouraging to find out later that she had been right, there were children who wanted to be saved. In fact, there were 5 children who jumped at the chance to be counselled for Salvation that evening – by carefully trained Summer Ministry Training graduates – hallelujah!