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CMLC courses coming
up in 2021

Start date: 13/06/21

End date: 04/09/21

Sibiu, Romania

Start date: 25/07/21

End date: 04/09/21

Vendas Novas, Portugal

*First 6 weeks only.

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Start date: 26/09/20

End date: 12/12/20

Willingen (Sauerland), Germany

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Past Student Reviews

CMLC has helped us to understand the importance of evangelising children. Our Lord has confirmed in our hearts and minds that children can have saving faith. During CMLC the Lord strengthened our call for service with the children in our country, where there is no major work with children developed.​

At CMLC we received the necessary training for ministry with children. We’ve learned how to work effectively and reach children through 5-Day Clubs and Good News Clubs. This will be a great help in the future. Also, we had committed and experienced teachers who were good and faithful examples for all of us. They showed love for each of us and the children.

A priceless blessing was the fellowship with faithful brothers and sisters from other countries through which the Lord has encouraged and inspired us to pray for CEF ministry in these and other countries too. We are grateful that we as a family could be together during CMLC.​

I have to say that I had a great time learning at the CMLC in Sibiu Romania. I learned a lot about how to reach children. It also helped me to see how a child is in need to trust in Jesus while they are children and not later in life. I have now a better idea of how to reach children and to help them build their relationship with Christ more. The classes gave me a vision to reach children where there was never a Good News club or any kind of outreach to show children the love of our God.

 It was very encouraging for me to meet with so many CEF teachers. Some were in ministry already many years and still had vision and energy, fully dedicated to God and evangelising children. I am happy that I can be part of such fellowship and I am looking forward to all the work during the next years with CEF.